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Black/Dark Bay and Bay Horse ©

Black/Dark Bay and Bay Horse ©

Package specially put together by Eqclusive for Black, Dark Bay, Bay and Light bay horses and the ones with coarser hair, for the best possible cleaning and shine results.

This pack works on very dusty, scurfy coats that produce a lot of oil and sweat. This results in dry flakes, looking like dandruff, that is actually dry skin and dry sweat. Packs come with instructions and a box.


Our unique curry comb quickly removes crusty mud and surface dirt with ease. Also used to clean your other brushes (see videos).
The 1st brush in the pack then removes the dust and that matt effect that these horses have.
The 2nd brush removes sweat, sweat combined with oil and dirt, and really clears the skin underneath the coat.
3rd brush removes all the dirt that was brought up by the previous two brushes to the topcoat
4th brush still removes residue in the topcoat and gives a gloss finish.
5th brush gives a final show-ready polish look.

With all those brushes used in the right order, you minimise any skin problems and create a lasting shine for your horse completely naturally, and without losing any essential oils.

This pack and other Eqclusive packs have been invented and designed by Eqclusive. You will not be able to find them anywhere else. All rights and copyrights reserved.

Manufactured by HAAS

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