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Gum Bits

Gum Bits

Gum Bits

GumBits, Chewing Gum for Horses & Ponies, promotes the salivation process and eliminates the teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses and ponies.

Not only does GumBits encourage chewing activity, trigger salivation, and eliminate teeth grinding, horses love the sweet taste. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.

  • Activates Salivation
  • Encourages Submission
  • Eliminates Teeth Grinding
  • Promotes Chewing Activity
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for Competition Horses & Ponies

Just like chewing gum for people, gum is for all. In this case GumBits, the chewing gum for horses & ponies are for all Equine Sport Disciplines.

Young horse trainers like using it to help the young ones start to chew and accept the bit. Dressage people like how it helps stop the grinding noises that can affect their score lower. They also like using it for their horses to start training their mounts to accept the double bridle for third and above levels. Pony riders like how the gum creates salivation which helps ponies stop dry coughs to not pull the kids out of the tack. Eventers like how it helps relax their equine partners in the dressage phase of their discipline. Vaulters like how the gum keeps their horses focused and relaxed on the lunge line while they do gymnastic moves on a moving animal in the safest possible scenario. Jumpers like the additional suppleness and softness in the mouth. All agree that GumBits helps make their horses and ponies happy.

After use, in a short amout of time most horses and ponies come around to a happy frothy mouth that help ALL riders enjoy their serious sport or hobby for a productive, happy ride on their happy horse or pony. One 1lb bag if used in every day training & riding lasts about a month. GumBits is made by hand and with all natural and FDA quality approved ingredients primarily of sugar and beeswax. GumBits is looking to expand with all equine disciplines and internationally so all can enjoy the benefits, joy and fun GumBits brings.

New 12oz tube.

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